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Happyism, A Practical Guide to Happiness


Happyism, A Practical Guide to Happiness, sets out a path to happiness that is concrete, and black & white.  There is a way.  There is a solution to our problems and this is what it is.

Our deepest desire within our hearts is to make our dreams come true.  This is our guiding force.  We have visions of happiness and we want to be happy, but our lives are full of “shit.”   Like a mushroom, we have to pop our heads up and see the light.

The light is that we are creating all the “shit” that happens to us with our very own minds.  We have to “think” differently.  We have to begin to use our minds to create our good.  The space between you and your dreams is an attitude adjustment.

Mind is first cause.  In order to improve our lives, we have to focus on what we want.  Seeing what we want, we create it.

Happyism, A Practical Guide to Happiness, explains the principle of magnetism, how we draw what we get to us, and then guides the reader with stories and exercised to focus on higher dreams.  Lift up to a loftier vision of yourself.

It’s unique, concise, easy to read, and illustrated.  It makes a beautiful gift for a loved one or a client.

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Happyism, A Practical Guide to Happiness


APPYISM, A Practical Guide to HappinessThe pursuit of happiness is one of the chief motivators in life and this book is designed to enhance awareness of our creative role in this process. Happiness is a feeling that comes to us when our lives are working: When we know who we are, what we want and how to proceed in making our dreams come true.HAPPYISM, A Practical Guide to Happiness, is a profound and evocative guidebook that leads us on this journey. It speaks to the depths of our primary personal yearning: our search for happiness.

With her unique perception regarding the magnetic quality of consciousness, the author guides the reader, in explicit detail, on how to work with one’s own magnetism to create increased well being. The book develops the idea that our minds, our thoughts and emotions, are magnetic and that this magnetism attracts people, events, and circumstances into our lives. By learning to use the powerful tools offered in this book, readers will be influenced to reopen their dreams and become empowered in the process of achieving their most cherished visions. As much practical as inspirational, this beautifully illustrated classic offers tools, guidelines and exercises necessary to develop and maintain mental patterns and attitudes that will positively effect and enhance our lives.

The book retails for $14.95 and can be ordered through,  Barnes & Noble , your local bookstor, or by contacting Mary Sue Wallace at email address,

 About the Author

Mary Sue Wallace has been a student of metaphysics for thirty years. Her focus is on understanding the creative nature of consciousness. The ideas she presents have developed through her studies of philosophy, psychology, human behavior and metaphysics. Past President of the St. Francis Chapter of International Training in Communications, an organization devoted to developing communication skills, Mary Sue is a polished public speaker and gives an animated, inspirational presentation on creativity, self-esteem and wish fulfillment.

Mary Sue resides in Oakland, CA. You can reach her at .

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